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Modelmodel Natascha Bintz Natascha Bintz  @nataschabintz
Photographerphotographer Jean-Michel Nguyen Jean-Michel Nguyen
Makeup Artist:  Jésahel


Paris - France

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There was a young woman named Natascha who was passionate about makeup.
She had always been fascinated by the way makeup could transform a person's appearance and enhance their natural beauty.
Natascha was determined to make a career out of her passion and became a makeup artist.

Natascha's talent quickly got her noticed in the industry and she began to work with some of the most famous models and celebrities.
She was always looking for new and exciting ways to push the boundaries of makeup, and she was particularly interested in the latest trends and techniques in makeup artistry.

One day, Natascha was introduced to a new type of glitter called "Star Dust".
It was a fine, iridescent glitter that caught the light in a unique way, giving the skin a magical, ethereal glow.
Natascha was immediately drawn to the glitter and began experimenting with it in her makeup creations.

Natascha's use of Star Dust in her makeup was a game-changer and became very popular.
She began to incorporate it into her looks for photoshoots, fashion shows, and events.
Her use of Star Dust gave her looks a unique and mesmerizing quality that set them apart from the traditional makeup looks.

Natascha's work caught the attention of major beauty brands and she soon collaborated with them to create a line of Star Dust makeup products.
Her brand "Star Dust Beauty" became known for its innovative and magical approach to makeup, and Natascha became an inspiration to many makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts.





model Natascha Bintz
Natascha Bintz
photographer Jean-Michel Nguyen
Jean-Michel Nguyen

This editorial is excerpt from
BELLE Magazine Issue n°8 Leitmotiv

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